Peacock Feathers - machine embroidered on handmade silk paper.
Greetings cards of this are available .

Bookshelves - machine embroidered appliqué. Cutting out of shapes
done with soldering iron.

Tree Frog - the frog shape is embossed on the velvet and the gold shape is flattened tomato puree tube held in place with machine stitching.

Angora Bowl - dyed fleece and machine stitching.

The angora is sandwiched between 2 layers of Romeo and stitched through with freehand embroidery on the sewing machine, making sure that all the sewn lines crossover. The Romeo is then dissolved and the "bowl" is then shaped by stretching it over an upside down bowl to dry.

These are knotted, knitted brooches - made in colours to go with the scarf and other jewellery. The knot is called a "Dahlia Knot" designed by my knotting friend Bernard Cutbush.

Another knotted brooch made from knitted wire.

The same stitch pattern as the Tuck lace suit!
Made from 2 strands of wire.

Made from 4 shaped sides and a base, sewn together and curled. Made from 4 strands of wire.

Wire bangle made using 4 strands of wire

An interesting wire bowl made from 9 identical wire shapes stitched together. Made from 4 strands of wire.

Each of the 9 sections is actually one of my earring designs - Spiral style.Knit 9 and just sew them together and the bowl will form.

Knitting with wire Christmas card.

Knitting with wire - Christmas card

Tub and Star cut from copper sheet or clean Tomato Puree tube. The wire used here is fine copper and is knitted on a standard gauge knitting machine - T 8 I sell fine copper wire in many colours which you could use - I suggest 2, 3 or 4 strands together.

Here is the pattern, if you are interested:-

This is only a very simple shape but may get you started with wire.
Cast on 1 stitch by e wrap, leaving needle in HP
Put needle next to this one into holding position on the SAME side as carriage to increase, Knit 1 row.
Repeat this increasing and knitting until you have a tree big enough to fit your card.
Mine is 21 rows and 21 stitches.
Knit the last row on tension 10 and remove by casting off with the latch tool (or do your normal cast off).
Pull the tree into shape. The loops formed by increasing on the same side lie neatly along the edges making the tree shape quite triangular. Fasten to card by sewing it on with the wire tails.

Origami Rose and leaves made with hand dyed fabric
and folded while bonded to freezer paper.

Colourful Origami Dahlias designed by Hajimi Komiya.
I printed the coloured squares and the stamens in black on the squares of paper before folding.

Shoulder bag with fabric which I designed and printed. I used Photoshop Elements to design the fabric based on my signature. The handle is woven from 7 strips of knitted wire.

This little bowl is called "Hana" and it is a design by Tomoko Fuse. Origami designs are usually made from paper but here I have printed a design on roller blind fabric and folded it.

Silver Origami Crane Brooch - made in my Silversmith class.

Silver Tree Frog Pendant - made in my Silversmithing class.