Overlocker Techniques for Machine Knitters

Knitted Wire Jewellery

Sewing Machine Techniques for Machine Knitters

Sewing Sampler

Trims, Tassels and Tiebacks

Pressing Matters

1 - "Overlocker Techniques for Machine Knitters"

For machine knitters and dressmakers

My first overlocker purchased in 1978 was used mainly for dressmaking - over the years I have changed my model of overlocker twice and now use it for dressmaking and cut and sew machine knitted garments. I also use lots of different types of knitting machine yarn on my overlocker. These can be used to create amazing edgings on knitting or fabric.

I will bring my machine and lots of samples of the exciting finishes that can be produced. I will also give a demonstration on my machine to show just how easy it is to use.

Patterns, needles and haberdashery items will be available for purchase.

2 - "Knitting with Wire on your Knitting Machine"

Focusing on Jewellery

I have been knitting using wire on my knitting machine since 1998 and following the success of my knitted earrings, I have developed a clever knitting and braiding technique to produce bracelets, necklaces and other items of jewellery.

The talk follows the fascinating story of how I created and devised the technique explaining all the variations which can be produced. I will knit a bracelet during the demonstration showing just how quick and easy it is. The jewellery can be knitted using any standard gauge machine. I can also include details and a demonstration of the original earrings if required. Patterns, wire and jewellery findings will be available for purchase.

3 - "Sewing Machine Techniques for Machine Knitters"

See how easy it is to use both machines together, with lots of practical information.

I am equally knowledgeable about knitting and sewing machines and in this talk I show how, by using both machines, they can complement each other and achieve very pleasing results. As almost everyone has access to a basic zigzag sewing machine, everything I demonstrate can be done using such a machine and machines with automatic stitches and overlockers are excluded. I aim to make the sewing machine more user-friendly and demonstrate, for example, how to sew up knitted garments using yarn through a large-eye needle or a twin needle. Depending on the size of the group and time available I also cover some or all of the following techniques: - (a) How to combine knitting with fabrics in garments such as T-shirts, casual cardigans and waistcoats (b) How to do alterations e.g. reshaping jumpers and shortening skirts, including shadow pleated skirts. (c) How to make buttonholes in knitting and sew on buttons. I will bring some sewing machine presser feet for sale - if you think you might like to purchase then it is helpful to bring along a presser foot from your own machine to check the fitting. Patterns, needles and haberdashery items will be available for purchase.

4 - "Sewing Sampler"

(a follow on talk from talk No 3)

The ‘Sewing Machine Techniques’ talk deals with the more practical uses of the sewing machine for the machine knitter, whereas this talk deals more with decorative techniques, which are taken from my book “Sewing Sampler”. They include making trims, pintucks and frills with the sewing machine. Also included are techniques such as embroidered motifs, couching, easy appliqué and making fringe. If you bring them along, I can also de-mystify some of the extra feet in your sewing machine accessory box.

Patterns, needles and haberdashery items will be available for purchase.

5 - "Trims, Tassels and Tiebacks"

A fun talk and demonstration even if you don't plan to make a tassel!

In view of the current popularity of tassels and their high cost to buy, I have worked out how to make the various parts of the tassel on the knitting machine and will demonstrate the process. I also show a very fast way to make the hanging cord, which can also be used for piping in soft furnishing or on knitted garments. Even if you think you are unlikely to ever make a tassel, you will learn lots of very useful techniques along the way. Related items will be for sale. Everyone who has been to this talk has said how entertaining it is, and great fun!! It is also an excellent way of using up that collection of yarns just waiting for a project.

See some tassels made during Erica's one day Tassel Workshop at Mytholmroyd, October 2000, click here.

6 - "Pressing Matters"

Based on my my book with lots of steam!

This talk is based on my book "Pressing Matters" which is a machine knitter's guide to pressing and finishing. , I bring plenty of samples and go through different types of pressing, working out, for example, the order in which to press a garment, how to press ribs and neckbands and when to use blocking wires. I can also include a section advising your members on how to press a garment they have already knitted or how to try to rectify previous pressing mistakes. This talk offers constructive practical advice with lots of very useful hints. It can be adapted to include points of special interest to your group.

7 - "Knitting Connections"

How all the different crafts I do connect with knitting. A talk of interest to Groups other than machine knitters.

I include knitting, knotting, braiding, machine embroidery, overlocking, silverwork, origami and string games.
I bring lots of examples of my work. It opens peoples eyes to lots of new ideas
- kind of 'thinking outside the box' and quite inspiring.

8 -"Machine Knitting but not as we know it"

Another talk of interest to Groups other than machine knitters.

I talk about different types of knitting machines, suitable yarns and how machines work.
I show how I knit with wire to make jewellery and make tassels on the knitting machine.
I bring lots of examples of my work.

To all of the above talks, I bring a collection of samples and garments to illustrate the points I am making and I have information sheets and patterns for sale. I also bring a selection of stock which relate to the talk and often bring extras of popular items which I sell at shows.

All the talks are informative and entertaining and learning something new is guaranteed. I have been asked to return to clubs on several occasions because I have so much to offer and time always runs out.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details - I would be very happy to tailor-make the talk/demonstration for your club.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I have been giving talks and demonstrations to knitting and craft clubs in the UK since 1990. I have also been teaching groups at one day workshops.

Follow the links above for details of my regular talks and workshops, however they all can be customised to meet your particular requirements.

Please contact me for more information and booking enquiries.

Pressing Matters - the subject of my first talk in 1990