Kumihimo Extras

Kumihimo Foam Disc 11cm diameter

Foam disc (plain reverse) £3.00 (pictured )

11cm diameter - I have found this to be the best size disc to use.

Straight Cable needle 4mm

Straight Cable needle 4mm 50p (limited stock, but you can use a knitting needle)

Clasps and Earring findings and key to finishes

You'll need findings of the type shown below as there will sharp ends of wire which need to be glued inside the end caps. Findings shown below are available in the following finishes shown.

Silver plated shiny(SP) , Gold plated shiny (GP) , Champagne (Ch), Gunmetal shiny (Gun), Antique Copper matt (AC) , Brown matt (B)

All are suitable for bracelets and necklaces.

Dimensions given are internal/external measurements of end cap, then the total length inc. end caps

Trigger/Lobster Clasps

Trigger clasp with small end caps.


36-92mm with 

extension chain

SP, GP, Gun

£1.20 and £1.50

Trigger clasp with large end caps 


44-97mm with 

extension chain

SP, GP, AC, B Ch

£1.50 and £2.00

Trigger clasp with 8mm end caps 



Toggle Clasps

Toggle clasp with small end caps. 

6.3mm/7mm 46mm long

SP GP available 

a few different styles


Toggle clasp with end caps.


41mm long

SP only


£1.00 only (last few)

Toggle clasp with fancy clasp 

and 8mm end caps

GP only 


Last one

Toggle clasp with fancy clasp 

and 6mm end caps

GP only 


Last one

Magnetic Clasps

All in one magnetic. The magnet goes inside the round section. Very neat and secure. Small size5mm/6mm 14mm long.
GP, Ant Gold, £1.50 (low stock on both finishes)

As above but larger. Large  size 8mm/9mm 18.5mm long.  GP only £2 limited stock

Magnetic Clasp with amazingly
strong small flat magnets.
Diam 8mm, thickness 3.5mm
33mm long SP only £2.50

Dotty textured/ Random textured/ Plain round magnetic clasps with end caps assembled.

End caps 8.3mm/10mm 


All £2.50

Magnetic clasp with security screw up collar.  Can be done up with one hand.

GP only Open 8mm diam 22mm long

£1.50 - very limited stock

Same as magnetic clasp above but with end caps assembled.

 GP only 55mm long End caps 8.3mm/10mm 

£2.50 - very limited stock

All in one magnetic with ** diameter holes in the ends to insert your work.

SP only 

£2 now £1 - last 1

Miscellaneous Clasps

Shepherds Crook clasp. 

6.1mm max/8.1mm, 37mm long

SP only £1.00

Plug In Clasp (closed and open)

Plugs into a silicone lined hole which grips well.

6mm/8mm 20mm Very secure and neat.

SP, GP, Gun


Findings for Earrings

3 different styles of findings for the earrings are shown here.

These are sold ready made up with the leverback earring hook which are the safest type to wear. 

Bell cap (left)  - 1 pair £1.50 Silver plated only (4mm internal)

Shaped cap (middle) - out of stock Silver plated only ( (4mm tapering)

Cord end style (right) - 1 pair £1.25 Silver plated only ( (3.2mm internal)

Style of earring hook may vary slightly from those shown.

Glue - E6000

Large size 110ml 3.7oz
Small size 9ml 0.3oz

E6000 Glue - sadly, out of stock as now impossible to find a supplier

This is an extremely strong multi-purpose adhesive. It is clear, waterproof, non-flammable, paintable and flexible. It is excellent for jewellery making as it fills any gaps.

For joining non porous surfaces, apply a very small amount to each surface, wait 2-10 minutes and press surfaces together. Curing takes 24-72 hours. 

It is also very useful for any projects where you plan to stitch either by hand or machine through the glue as it remains flexible if spread thinly.

A great glue, but sadly very hard to find.