Knitting With Wire

I made this video originally as part of the Knitting and Crochet Guild's UnConvention in September 2020.

I explain which wire I use and demonstrate knitting a bracelet and a pair of earrings. I show designs from all 5 of my patterns.
I hope it inspires you to try knitting with wire.

I began knitting with wire using my knitting machine over 20 years ago and have written 5 patterns.

  • Wire Earrings - 5 styles (April 2002)

  • Slip Strip Wire Jewellery - various designs for Bracelets, Necklaces and 2 styles of Earrings (April 2006)

  • Scrumpleknit Necklace with Scribble Earrings (April 2010)

  • Fine Lacy Necklace with earrings - sold as a kit including wire and findings as you will need to use a special type of wire (April 2011)

  • 3D and Organic Wire Jewellery - Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings (April 2016)

Use 4 strands together of 0.2mm coloured enamelled copper wire. Colours shown here. You can use 4 strands of the same colour or mix up to 4 together which is great fun to do and will usually mean that you will create a more interesting and often unique mix. It goes a long way - you will be able to knit 10-25 pairs of earrings from a 50g reel of wire. You can also add in sewing or embroidery thread or fine machine knitting yarns.

If you have not tried knitting with wire before, one of the easiest types to use is insulated silver plated copper wire which is available in black or white. If a mistake is made, it can easily be unraveled and re-knitted. It is £2 for 10 metres, (£15 for 100 metres by special order only). 10 metres is enough for 2-3 pairs of earrings depending on the design chosen, or a bracelet or a narrow necklace.


Wire is available in many different colours and two different types.

Using plastic coated wire on the knitting machine to make lacy earrings.

Using plastic coated wire on the knitting machine to make lacy earrings.

These are very easy to knit on any standard gauge knitting machine – an ideal project as an introduction to knitting with wire.

Pattern includes instructions and tips for knitting with wire and 5 different designs.

3 of the 5 designs.

Knitting with wire often results in a very stiff creation, but by using Erica’s innovative techniques you can create a very fluid like feel which has very tactile quality.

Lacy earrings made in a few minutes on the knitting machine.


Findings are the clasps and hooks that turn your knitting into finished jewellery.

I made a short video to show people how easy it is to knit with wire on the machine.

It is not meant as an instructional video,
simply to show that it is not at all difficult!

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