"Tuck Lace" Suit

Easy to wear, easy to knit on any punchcard or electronic machine.

10 pages of instructions including full knitting, detailed pressing and making up information with close up photos of stitch details, pattern chart and garment shape diagram. £4

A clever technique of shaping is incorporated into the pattern on the sleeves and skirt hem.

Yarns suitable include 4 ply crepe, fine crepe, Artistic and Aurora. Some of these are not produced now, however they can often be purchased 'second hand' from stands at Knitting Shows. Some are available from Yeomans Yarns Suit in picture knitted with 4 Ply Crepe

Sizes 32”- 50” (81cm - 127cm) but very easy to adapt for larger sizes. Full pressing and making up instructions included (10 pages).

Detailed instructions on how to press the garment including how to steam the ribs to get a really neat finish.