Wire Earrings

5 styles £5

Try something different! 5 styles of Knitted Wire Earrings

These are very easy to knit on any standard gauge knitting machine

An ideal project as an introduction to knitting with wire. Begin with these designs and then create your own variations.

The pattern includes instructions and tips for knitting with wire.

Available as a paper pattern or pdf download. (April 2011)

Lace Mesh Earrings

Lace Mesh


Wire Jewellery Pattern

Bracelets, Necklaces and 2 styles of Earrings £5

Knitting with wire often results in a very stiff creation, but by using Erica’s innovative technique you can create a very fluid like feel to the knitted strips which when braided together have very tactile quality.

You’ll need the pattern, some wire, some clasps to neaten the ends, your choice of closure and a standard gauge knitting machine.

The pattern is 7 pages long and packed with information on how to knit the strips, tips for knitting with wire, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Also includes many variations with clear diagrams. There is a very good close up 7”x5” photograph on the front.

Available as a paper pattern or pdf download. (April 2006)

2 styles of Earrings included with this pattern.

“Scrumpleknit” Necklace and "Scribble" Earrings


This is an unusual and quirky design for a knitted wire necklace. So called because the finished necklace can be gathered up and crushed in your hand to keep it's "crumpled" look.

I have included 2 designs for earrings in the pattern. One is quite a simple design pictured on the cover and the other design is called “Scribble” earrings because the wire is randomly knotted into loose dangly earrings - each pair unique!

Available as a paper pattern or pdf download. (April 2010)

Scribble Earrings

Scribble Earrings

Delicate and Lacy Wire Necklace and Earrings Kit


This design is sold as a kit, including instructions, special gilt wire and findings. You can make one necklace and a pair of earrings from the wire included. Extra wire is available for £2 for the same cut length.

It is a very delicate looking necklace and requires this particular type of wire to keep its shape.

Extra Gilt wire 0.2mm 25metre coil £2
This is knitted as a single strand.

Available as a paper pattern or pdf download. (April 2011)

Organic and 3D Knitted Wire Jewellery


My latest pattern contains 2 styles of necklace, a bracelet and 4 styles of earrings all with lots of variations. The blue, green and red earrings at the bottom of the photo are 3D in shape - almost round. The little pink and silver heart shaped earrings are flat and also great for using on greetings cards. The Purple earrings in the centre are curved in both dimensions and the spirals are, well, spiral!

The ombre beads necklace is made from knitted wire and the beads are encased in a fine pre-knitted wire tube with glass beads or knots separating them. The purple necklace and bracelet in the centre are Fairisle knitting in wire. ALL made on a KNITTING MACHINE There is a very good close up 7”x5” photograph on the front.

Available as a paper pattern or pdf download. (April 2016)