Needles for Sewing Machines and Overlockers

Look at the size of the eyes of the needles. The top needle is a standard needle and the bottom one is the same size of needle, but has a large eye.

Originally developed for machine embroiderers, to enable the use of unusual and interesting threads including Lurex. These are great if you have difficulty threading the needle as the eyes are 2-3 times the size of an ordinary needle - you can use these just for ordinary sewing. Size 70 is new in stock.

I have had great success in sewing up machine knitted garments using fine yarns e.g. brights, fine cottons and wools, O.E.S. acrylic and smooth 2/30's. Use your sewing machine to wind yarn on to the machine bobbin as well.

Schmetz "Enormous eye" sewing machine needles
£4 per packet of 5 (sizes 80, 90 or 100) Type 130N (sizes 80 and 90 OUT OF STOCK)

Sizes 80 and 90 can be used on overlockers which take standard needles - using size 100 may damage your looper.

Schmetz Twin needles 2.5mm & 4mm £4 each
Size 75 Stretch

With free information sheet if required. Twin needles can be used on all modern sewing machines. 

Using straight stitch and a 2.5mm. needle, the seam produced will stretch making it ideal for sewing up knitting or stretch fabric. 

I use the 4mm. needle to topstitch necklines, hems and cuffs on knitted fabrics.

The needles sew two parallel lines of straight stitching on the upper side mimicking the cover stitch seen on ready to wear garments and producing a stretchy finish.

Schmetz ELX 705 Sewing Machine Needles
£4 per packet of 5 (assorted size pack 80 to 90)

These needles are used in Cover stitch machines, certain models of Babylock and Elna overlockers and Husqvarna models S21 and S25.

They have a longer scarf on the back of the needle which means that the looper has a slightly longer time to pick up the threads and they have a light ball point.

It is often worth trying these if you are having problems with particular types of thread or fabric combinations.

The needles are the same length as regular needles. Refer to your manual to check which type of needle your overlocker requires.

Schmetz HAx1 SP Sewing Machine Needles
£4 per packet of 5 (size 90) One pack in stock

These needles are used in some makes and models of overlockers. Usually a small label can be found on the overlocker which states that the machine takes this type of needles. Many Janome and Toyota machines take HAx1 SP needles (SP means that the needles have a special tip which means that it can sew all types of fabric and knitting preventing skipped stitches.)
Refer to your manual to check which type of needle your overlocker requires.

Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles
£2 per packet of 5 (size 90) Type 130/705 H 15x1H

These needles can be used for sewing a majority of fabrics including knits and synthetics. They can be used on sewing machines and overlockers.