Single Bed Socks

Instructions for socks with ribbed tops but main part knitted "flat" on the single bed, with 2 clever flat joining techniques described and a tip for grafting. Once removed from machine, they are ready to try on before a small amount of sewing up.

The pattern is very adaptable - for example you can use a garter carriage on the leg and instep sections or maybe include some simple lace pattern, or stripes.

I used Forsell Software 4 ply 60% wool 40% nylon, but unfortunately this is now discontinued. There are however lots of other brands now available. I suggest using a yarn which has a minimum of 20% nylon. Uppingham Yarns sell suitable yarn. An alternative is to add bulk nylon (also called woolly nylon) to the toe and heel sections. This is also sold by Uppingham Yarns.

4 sizes- children's to men's £1

It's difficult to lay the socks out flat for the photographs, but they are approx. 5", 7", 9" and 11" long in the foot. They weigh 28g, 38g, 56g and 76g respectively.