Open Toed Foot

Open-toed foot for Sewing Machine

The open toed foot is one of the most useful feet. Use it instead of the standard zig-zag foot as it gives such a clear view of where the needle is about to enter the knitting or fabric especially when using a zig-zag stitch. Accuracy will be improved enormously simply because you can see where you are sewing. The outside or inside edge of the foot can also be used as a guide. Further uses are to be found in my book "Sewing Sampler". It is an accessory available for most sewing machines. Generic and branded types are available.

It has many uses. Some of the techniques I use it for include -

  • Topstitching with a double needle.

  • Zigzagging over one stitch (wale) or row of knitting before cutting, during cut and sew.

  • Stitching "in the ditch".

  • Sewing on "flat" rouleau cords.

  • Machine quilting along marked lines.

  • Satin stitch appliqué.

Information Sheet

To complement the feet I have produced an Open Toed Feet Information Sheet.
This is a 3 page collection of 14 illustrated suggested uses for the Open Toed Foot.

Choosing the Correct Foot for your Machine

It is important to choose the correct foot and fitting for your brand/model of machine.

Some branded open toed feet are available as clip on (with the ankle if required), short shank, long shank fittings.

9mm foot for Pfaff machines with IDT system
£14 (7 in stock)

6mm foot for Pfaff machines with IDT system
£14 (1 in stock)
This foot will fit the Pfaff 1027, 1029, 1151, 6000 series, 1469, 1471, 1475 machines.

Plastic Singer foot £7 (3 in stock)
Metal Singer foot £7 (2 in stock)