Sewing Sampler

Sewing Sampler Front Cover

A Machine Knitter's Guide to new and exciting decorative ideas using your sewing machine £5

My book "Sewing Sampler" details 13 different techniques using your sewing machine to complement your machine knitting. I include lots of ways to embellish your knitwear using machine knitting yarn with lots of tips on how to make your sewing machine more user-friendly.

Almost all the samples included are made with stocking stitch on the knitting machine and the simplest stitches on the sewing machine. By using mostly straight and zig-zag stitches, I hope to include most sewing machine owners.

I also explain how to make 3 small trims and 3 fringes.

All the ideas are illustrated on the cover of the book.

2 Throws made on the knitting machine with decorative features made on the sewing machine.