Kumihimo with Wire

Disc, needle, clasps and glue

Buy a bracelet or earrings.

I use a Kumihimo disc and wire to make jewellery. It is easy to do and very addictive - but in a good way! Once you get going, it only takes about an hour to make a bracelet.

My instructions include bracelets and earrings, pendants and necklaces.

I explain how to play around with colours, perhaps alternating 2 colours or working so one colour appears on one side and another colour on the other. You can even create rainbow effects. Up to 10 colours can be used, but my favoured quick way is to use 2 ends each of 5 colours. I sell packs of 5 random colours which are ready cut to length (see below)

As well as instructions, wire and a disc, you'll need a straight cable needle or a hand knitting needle to work around - you may already have one.

To turn your work into jewellery, you'll need a clasp - choose from various types - everyone has their favourite, and glue as well. I have limited stock of E6000, but 2 part Araldite or other gap filling glues for metal will work fine.

Triple Helix Wire Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings

5 page illustrated instruction booklet £5

Available as a downloadable pdf or a paper pattern - email me - erica@erica.co.uk

Includes bracelet, necklace and several styles of earrings which could be used as a single pendant.
Also includes lots of hints and tips and how to order the colours to produce the effect you want.

The photo below shows a selection of bracelets in a rainbow of colours.

Earrings with different types of caps - all available here

A pendant in shades of silver, smoke and black

Coloured Copper Wire 0.5mm

You'll need around 7m to make a bracelet and I always advise doing that first so that you develop a good technique and achieve a neat finish. 

Earrings will take around 4m, but if you are shaping them, it's not quite so easy.
All 7m coils £1 each 

Black Wooden box of wire for website

Current stock - Here are all the colours together,
listed in the same order in the table.

Colours shown here are:
Opaque white (matt finish), Gunmetal, Brown, Warm Gold, Light Gold, Black. Also Gilt (Gold) not pictured

Colours shown here are:
Antique Silver (out of stock), Champagne, Baby Pink, Bright Violet, Wine, Opaque Violet (matt finish), Red, Salmon (duller paler red - not shown)

Colours shown here are:
Supa Blue, Opaque Blue (matt finish), Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Lilac, Mauve (out of stock) , Smoked

Colours shown here are:
Supa Grey (out of stock), Supa Green, Vivid Green, Opaque Green (matt finish), Emerald, Leaf Green, Chartreuse

Colours shown here are:
Black, Jade Green, Turquoise, Mint, Ice Green, Silver green, Olive (out of stock)

Colours shown here are:
Light Purple, Cerise, Bright Red, Burnt Orange, Shell Pink, Silver.

Colours shown here are:
Tree Green, Ocean Blue (out of stock), Deep Blue (out of stock), Supa Purple, Grape (out of stock), Rose Gold, Orange

NEW Pre-cut length packs for bracelets. Each pack contains 5 mixed colours. 

Examples might be - 

Purples, pinks, blues, greens, browns, reds, golds
Neutrals, Autumn colours, bright colours, pastel shades, rainbow bright, rainbow dark.
Green/reds, green pinks, blue/purples, jade/purples

I make these up randomly, so the colours I have in stock will vary.

The pack will be plenty wire to make a pair of earrings too.

£1.50 per pack

Anti Tarnish Silver plated copper
15m coil £2.75 

Gold plated copper 
7m coil £3 last few 

Coloured aluminium wire 0.5mm - 4 colours only
Leaf green, blue, lilac & green 94m was  £4 Limited stock reduced to only £2 per reel

Aluminium is much softer than copper, but you can mix in 2 or 3 strands with the copper wire. It is not quite as bright and shiny as the coloured copper. I don't advise making a bracelet entirely from aluminium as it will be too soft and not keep it's shape if it gets accidentally crushed.

Great value though!

Clasps, Earring findings, Glue, Foam discs, Cable needles