T-shirt Instructions £1

I have a detailed instruction leaflet on making a T-shirt which takes you through making a pattern, making up, including how to stabilise seams. It explains how to knit the band, shape it with steam and attach it achieving a very neat finish. A 2.5mm stretch twin needle is used to make the seams, and a 4mm stretch twin needle is used to topstitch the neckband.

You MUST use a Stretch twin needle when sewing jersey fabric otherwise you may end up with a series of holes where a non ballpoint needle 'cuts' through the fibres rather than going in between the fibres. It may stitch with no problems and look as if all is well, however after a few washes you will find that holes are beginning to form where the needle has pierced. On a jersey fabric each small hole will turn into a much larger hole very quickly.

T shirt neckline with 4mm twin needle