Bracelet Kits

Create a bracelet using pre-knitted narrow wire strips.
A knitting machine is not required.

They are quick and easy and suitable for children to make.
A kit or a finished bracelet makes a unique, lightweight and easy to post gift.

Pre – knitted wire bracelet kits £5 each

Each kit includes:

  • 4 Pre-knitted wire strips

  • A clasp to fasten your bracelet either silver or gold plated.

  • Instructions

  • Glue is not supplied. I recommend a 2 part epoxy resin such as Araldite to glue the findings to the jewellery.

You can also purchase extra lengths for £1 each or longer lengths for £1.75 per metre. You'll need 4 per bracelet. Colours here

Or you can simply order 'Autumn colours' or 'Greens' for example.