A Machine Knitter's Guide To Pressing And Finishing

A 45 page photo illustrated book, for beginners and advanced knitters alike.

ISBN: 0 9517117 0 9

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This book not only sets out clear pressing instructions but also covers joining methods, finishing details and pitfalls. I have concentrated on suits and skirts as I feel that this knowledge can easily be applied to all garments. Once familiar with the basic ideas and techniques, short cuts can be taken. I am constantly discovering new methods and improving old ones and this book is a collection of my best ideas to date.
Once you have tried everything, you will find that you naturally develop your own techniques.

In recent years exciting yarns and stylish patterns have become more readily available to machine knitters who are now aiming for a more professional finish. To achieve a rewarding result, pressing and finishing skills are also needed and in this book Erica explains in detail many of the techniques she herself has devised and shares with you some of the secrets of her success. Through her teaching of the subject she has identified the reasons for the lack of confidence felt by even skilled knitters. In this book she offers step-by-step instructions together with clear diagrams and photographs to help beginners and advanced knitters alike.

Believing that knitters learn best from other knitters, Erica has written this book from her personal experience.
Pressing Matters will inform and encourage and is a practical guide you cannot afford to be without.


  1. Introduction: How to use this book

  2. Yarns: Branded yarns

  3. Equipment: Irons, boards, mats and pressing accessories

  4. Pressing and why it matters: General pressing information, abbreviations and tension pieces.

  5. Using a mat as a pressing surface: Blocking and pressing garments on the mat including ribs, ribbed and panelled skirts, joining methods and different types of stitches.

  6. Sideways skirts: General information on sideways skirts including tension pieces, knitting, preparing and pressing skirts, waistbands, edgings and pleats.

  7. Shadow pleated skirts: General information on shadow pleated skirts including tension pieces, knitting, preparing and steaming skirts plus an easy sample pattern

  8. Miscellaneous Information: Useful pressing techniques, industrial yarns, recycling yarns and correcting disasters

  9. Ten Key Points

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I use a Tefal Steam Generator Iron for pressing my machine knitted garments.

This steam generator iron can produce maximum steam even when the temperature of the soleplate is cool, so it is ideal for all types of yarn.

The soleplate of the iron is unique to Tefal. It is a special diamond shape so you can iron in both directions without causing any rucking of the fabric. This really does work and I find it super for stretchy knitted fabrics.

Another good feature of Tefal Steam Generators is their ability to steam vertically unlike conventional irons. This is really useful on both knitted and sewn garments, when the garment is being modelled on a dressmaker's dummy or even just hanging on a coathanger. It's particularly useful when I'm setting in sleeves or collars, steaming in soft pleats and generally getting garments to hang correctly.

In dressmaking and tailoring, good pressing is very important and the Generator Irons make it so easy to achieve professional results.

Of course they are just brilliant for domestic ironing - with so much steam, the job is done in half the time!

Contact me if you need more information particularly about using generators for pressing machine knitted garments, dressmaking and tailoring.
E-mail Erica

Contact Tefal if you need more information on the choice of irons or stockists.