Wire for Knitting

There are several different types of wire suitable to knit on a machine:-

0.2mm enamelled copper wire which you need to use a few strands together is my wire of choice - I usually use 4 strands together, on a standard gauge machine.

It comes on 175metre reels (weight 50g) at £4.00 each or Special Offer 4 reels for £14 - enough to make 30-40 small bracelets.

There are around 30 colours (but not all in stock) at the moment, photographed together below.
Below that I have added individual photos of the reels in the same order with the names of the colours as written on the reel, however, I have given further descriptions of the colours below. All colours which are called " Supa" are enamelled on top of silver plated copper to make them extra shiny.

* = out of stock.

I also have in stock -
Non tarnish Silver Plated Copper wire 0.2mm 125m £2.50 - limited stock - last reel
Real Gold Plated Copper wire 0.2mm 50gram £12.00 - limited stock - last 2 reels

Supa Chartreuse

4 in stock

Ice Blue

4 in stock

Supa Green

5 in stock

Supa Emerald

4 in stock

Vivid Green

2 in stock

Leaf Green

7 in stock

Supa Champagne

10 in stock


2 in stock

Warm Gold

3 in stock

Light Gold

4 in stock


6 in stock

Mid Brown

5 in stock

Rose Gold

4 in stock

Opaque Violet

4 in stock

Vivid Red

5 in stock

Supa Salmon*


Bright Violet

5 in stock


Supa Clear

8 in stock

Opaque Green

2 in stock

Supa Baby Pink

5 in stock

Supa Lilac

4 in stock


5 in stock

Dark Purple

4 in stock

Opaque White*

Supa Blue

4 in stock


4 in stock

Opaque Blue

1 in stock

Dark Blue

5 in stock


5 in stock

EXTRA INFORMATION on the colours of wire
If colour is temporarily out of stock, it has an *

  • Ice blue is more of a pale green, halfway between Supa Green and Supa Clear

  • Warm Gold (pinker and more coppery) and Light Gold (more orangey) are similar in tone.

  • Bright violet is a bright Fuchsia and several shades darker than Supa Baby pink which is a sugar pink.

  • Grape is a bright pinky/purple.

  • Smoked is a very shiny super grey - great for mixing in.

  • Supa Clear is Silver colour

  • Wine is now replaced by Supa Salmon

TIPS ON CHOOSING COLOURS If you are choosing 4 reels, I suggest choosing your favourite colour, a good contrast colour that you also like, a dark neutral and a lighter neutral. That will give you the maximum variety of colour and tone combinations. You can always mix in a sewing thread to change the colour slightly - even a variegated embroidery thread looks great!

You could choose 4 toning colours to obtain a subtle blend of similar shades or you could choose 4 completely different colours which you could put together in different combinations to achieve a very wide variety of colours.

As short lengths are needed to knit the strips for the bracelets and necklaces, it is easy enough to wind off lengths from your reels so you can use several strands of the same colour together. With just 4 reels of wire you can make 35 different colour combinations. If you choose 8 reels, you would have 330 different combinations!

Another type of wire I use on my machine is a 0.25mm plastic coated wire which is easy to use (you can even unravel it and knit it again), however black and white are the only colours now available.

10m reels cost £2 each - enough to make 2-3 pairs of earrings or a bracelet or a necklace. You use this wire single strand as you would use 4 ply yarn. 100m reels cost £15 - Special order only. If you are knitting by hand, then this is the type of wire I would recommend as it is not too hard on the fingers.
White wire can be coloured by using an suitable plastic dye or Sharpie Pens.

Although this looks a little grey in the photo, it is black!