Ideas for Pre-knitted wire

This knitted wire tube is about 15mm wide and is available in 18 colours currently.

£1.75 per metre

It can be stretched and pulled so it becomes much narrower and longer, intensifying the colour. As it is tubular, it can be stuffed with yarn and then woven into a Chinese Braided Knot which could perhaps become an earring or a pendant style necklace. It can be knotted into a series of knots which can become a bracelet.

Interesting colour combinations happen when you double up. Insert one colour inside another and see what happens.

I've put together a few necklace kits containing 1metre of knitted wire tube, large glass nuggets, small glass beads a clasp and instructions. The idea is to open the tube and insert a large glass nugget, then close up the end if the wire and fashion it so it has a pointed end. Thread through a small bead and open out the end again and repeat. You can either knot the wire to make into a necklace or glue on the enclosed clasp.

£3.50 limited stock

Stuff the wire tube with Double Knit thickness yarn and use Chinese Knotting technique to make earrings

Stuff the wire tube with Double Knit thickness yarn and make a Chinese Ball Button with could become a button or a stud earring

Insert a length of the tubular knitting into another colour, twist at regular intervals and pull into round shapes.

For very short leftover pieces, twist and shape to form a butterfly which you can stick on to a card perhaps?